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One Day Left

That's right, I have one day left here in my hometown, before heading to see my sister Gladys and her family in San Pedro Laguna. It is not that I am not happy and excited to be with them, I AM! With all my heart, but leaving the other part of my family is something I never like doing at all. It tears my heart apart and will only be complete once I am with them together with my immediate family too. 

Leaving to the place where you were born, learned, hurt and such is a very very painful thing to feel. Never think it would be that soon. I don't know exactly what to feel, however spending 3 months with them is worth doing than nothing at all. 

I am very thankful for I have a very understanding, loving as well as a husband that would sacrifice for me. I am very grateful for everything he did for our happiness.  I couldn't ask for more, but for a longer and happier life. 

It might be hard for my son and I to leave but never say GOOD BYEs. For I never like saying those words unless it is the last day that I'll be seeing you physically. 

So happy to have a memorable vacation and thank you all for filling in the emptiness that I was longing for my family when I move farther. 

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