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Family Dinner at Home

After we moved into our new place. I haven’t been invited hubby’s family over for a dine-in meal. So, after all those unexpected things happen. I will finally make sure that this Dinner at home will be done. It would be the sit-down at the table together dinner. It never happened here since I’ve gotten in the USA for the reason that, my MIL’s house has kitchen renovate before and has no longer any table where we can sit if we have a meal together.

So, I hope that this will happen this Sunday Night. Because of that, I am busy with looking for a good meal to make. At least 2-3 course meal for everyone to enjoy. It would be my first time to do something different and I want to make sure it is good.

Haven’t decided yet, and needs to buy some of the ingredients to complete them all. Then I can start making them. On what’s going to happen next. Surely, I will give an up-date here.


  1. It sounds like a fun challenge for you! I love cooking for others I think it is really enjoyable.

  2. Good luck mommy! I'm sure your family in law will enjoy it!

  3. Anonymous10:55 PM

    I love family meals, those are usually where the best memories are created and shared. Enjoy yours.

  4. Sounds like fun! I love getting together with family for a nice meal :) I do have delish dinner roll recipe!!

  5. Do they eat Filipino food ba sis? My inlaws always requests for lumpia and pancit hehehe. Goodluck to your cooking!


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