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Find some changes

An update to my Squat Challenge. I have noticed lately that bump and changes on my butt. I do admit that I am not as lucky as an inborn woman who have this curve shape butt. For me I have to work it out in order to tune it to get one. It is also nice to do that, it gives me challenge to myself. I have something that I can do and it makes me motivate everyday.

I can’t share the progress here for I wanted it to be private. Never want to see something icky online hehehe.. I’m not the person who has those glorious body. Anyways, I am happy of the progress and the effort I’ve seen on this Challenge.


  1. As long as you tell me the challenge is working I will believe you! Glad to hear it is working--and by the way very few woman have perfect bodies!! (me included!)

  2. How long have you been doing this sis? I am sure that whatever you do, you will get a result from it as long as you do it religiously hehehe. I am working on it too. Don't forget to link up at the linky today.

  3. I'm impressed! I'm just starting to get back to walking. I'm SO out of shape and overweight :/

  4. That is great that you are seeing a change. I am doing a pushup challenge and it is getting harder. Hopefully I will have nice tank top arms for summer though!

  5. I am on day 3 of the challenge

  6. It sounds like the challenge is working. Congratulations on sticking with it.

  7. wow, I'm excited to see the results mommy. :) good for you!

  8. Anonymous10:27 PM

    I do not like showing before and after photos either. Some things are too personal for me. Progress in words works perfectly!! Glad you are seeing results with as hard as you are trying.

  9. Is that the SQUAT challenge? let us know the result, that way I will do it too, like you, I wasn't blessed to have a curvaceous body either. :)

    Liza Barnett


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