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Learn more about Pepe Fanjul Jr.

Pepe Fanjul Jr. is the Executive Vice President of Florida Crystals Corp., and a global producer of premium sugar. The Fanjul family do sponsors "DO THE WRITE THING" for nearly the average of 19,000 youth programs. Mr. Fanjul also run a business company named "Fanjul Corporation" whom started from the parent of this group. His company can provide more than seven million tons of sugar per year. Too much amaze about how and where did he get these?
As what I've seen in Pepe Fanjul's twitter account, the Florida Brother had a trend with their Florida Icon: The Fanjul Brothers, Florida's source for business news. And what's interesting? Mr. Fanjul and his South Florida Farmers achieved Record Year in Water Quality success and just recently together with this achievement South Florida Water flowing from Agricultural regions have again achieved phosphorus reductions to improve Everglades water quality which will also improve The Fanjul Farmers. Isn't Pepe Fanjul Jr. a great business man? Just visit Pepe Fanjul Jr. to get more updates about Mr. Fanjul and his company.
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