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Review – Packaways would save the day

A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the item for free in exchange of my honest review. The outlook being expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

I was very happy when I read about the opportunity about getting some samples from Packaways, a reusable plastic storage boxes. Since we are moving, a perfect timing for me to try how sturdy the box is. As we move to our new and permanent place, I figure out packing the stuff and move them in the new place then arrange would be the best solution not to have a clutter place. Since, we have given more than 2 months to move in we don’t need to get lots of boxes for our stuffs.
Packaways boxes for product review

The package came with three different sizes. One thing I was attracted is the colors that would determine which one is for the clothes and which isn’t. We used the biggest one which is pink for the clothes. I was really amazed on how easy to put it together. No need of tapes it is very easy as one, two, three. As it comes along With an instruction so, if you are a little bit confusing. The papers has all step by step procedure. It is an automatic set up and for that I love it that much. There is no tape involve as I mentioned earlier so the in and out access is very fast.  What holds it is to tuck in the locking tabs into the slots.

The blue one was also used for my maternity clothes. I stored it in the closet in order for me to determine what is inside it. I love how they have a white side that you could write down what’s inside the box too.

The green medium box is for our office supplies. I would remember it right away because of the color difference. Very handy and easy to fold and unfold when you don’t need them anymore.

Packaways is a brilliant creations since I do find it reusable as it is plastic and would not get damaged right away. We can make it as a storage of our seasonal items, clothing which I just did, toys for your kids, stuff in the garage or even things for yourself campings. The one thing that I truly admire is how easy this is.

Packaways comes with different kind of boxes. Please visit their website or call 800-962-9218 and see that is it that you might need. Packaways are proudly made in the U.S.A.  


  1. Reusuable storage boxes--sounds good to me-I just wonder if my cat would commandeer one of the ones put together as her own--she really likes boxes! Even after I put stuff in them--she takes the stuff out!!

  2. OMG. This is such a cool idea. I need these for sure. Thanks.

  3. I love these boxes, the color coding and being reusuable!

  4. These have to be the most neatest boxes. I love them for when I teach a workshop or something like that.

  5. Those sound like great products. I love reusable boxes and the colors are really nice.

  6. This would be great in organizing toys for my kids.

  7. Anonymous9:48 PM

    I would love to have these for storage. I have never heard of them, have to check them out as I hate cardboard boxes.

  8. Anything reusable and easy to store is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I Love these boxes they are a great easy way to do craft fairs one of my favorite ways to use mine.


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