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Spicy Chicken Curry

This is one of the first dishes I perfected when I came in the U.S.A. Being used to having someone cooked for you in the Philippines gives me the hardest time to cook for myself and for my family when I started one. 

Because, I missed all the Filipino Foods, I managed to make sure I read and follow recipes in order to eat one with a great taste. 

The first couple of tries were not as successful as the third one. This time I mastered recipe and I make everyone even happier.

This is called Chicken Curry. At this time, I managed to make it even more spice than the common curry I made. 

I am loving it, and I am happy that I can now cook any food I want as long as there is a recipe that would help me. 


  1. Yay well done and it looks gorgeous as well, what's next on your recipe agenda ?

  2. Your Chicken Curry looks wonderful. I am going to have to try this I love spicy food.

  3. Please come and cook for me! This looks so yummy!

  4. Anonymous8:52 PM

    You should share some of your recipes, I bet you have a lot of great one with our back ground.

  5. Yes that looks so good! I use curry all the time it is yummy with chicken. I love to cook!! I just made some chili :)

  6. I am not fond of foods with curry but my husband does, he would probably like that!


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