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A Childhood Experience

Hi. My name is Beth.  And I am an animal lover. But not all animals love me. I seem to be terrible with cats, horses, chickens, fish, etc. Here I am going to tell you a few tales of my childhood that will remain with me forever.

Story 1 – Horse Phobia
Picture this. A visitor farm in Kent – the sort of farm where you can pet the animals, learn a bit about farming, perhaps pick some strawberry’s, etc. I was only small, perhaps about 5, and it was like a small family outing, and I distinctly remember my grandparents being there. Now, I was really small and quite delicate when I was 5, so imagine how I must have felt when confronted with this massive great horse. I was ok at first, but immediately, as soon as my granddad had lifted we up to stroke its mane, it blew what I can only describe as the biggest raspberry I had ever heard – and I did not like it. Not one bit! I cried and cried. And every time I saw a horse for the nest 10 years I cried too. And my day, always the practical joker, constantly took pleasure in scaring me with horses… I have since got over my fear, but I still get jumpy around horses.

Story 2 – The Chicken That Bit Me
This happened on another farm, with my other set of grandparents. As I’m sure you know, children aren’t as good at just eating a sandwich. They like to play with it and wander around with it dangling next to their hips for as long as possible. And I was the same as a little girl. However, this is not a good idea, when the birds of the farm roam free. So when I stopped paying attention to the sandwich in my hand, a massive chicken decide that he would try to take it from me. However, the chicken was a bit too forward, and ended up leaving with more than just my sandwich. He had also bitten a large chunk of my skin off. From then on, I had a huge fear of chicken – it took almost 15 years to resolve!

So that’s the reason I have decided to stick with dogs – I have never had a problem with dogs, unlike many other animals!


  1. It's not healthy to have any fear but it's hard to avoid it sometimes. I'm glad there are resources out there that can help the people in overcoming their phobias and etc.

  2. Sorry to hear about your bad experiences. It is good that you have worked through your fears and focus on dogs now.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Fears can change sometimes for the better!

  4. I have a phobia with snakes.

  5. I prefer to stick with dogs too. Sorry about your experiences. I am glad you overcame these issues. I can imagine it would have been hard.

  6. i have a fear of snakes very badly


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