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Help from Consumer Portfolio Services

No matter what I do, and how I try to understand I am still confused on how things works when it comes to stock markets. I need to learn something in order to invest in the future. However, it still confuses me at all. So, how would it happen for me invest in the stock market if I have no knowledge on what's best for me and my income?

It is another question built for those who wish to invest. Glad to say that barchart has the resolution to this. They have Consumer Portfolio Services who would help you understand from the very start. They even show you some charts in comparison. Glad to know that the Consumer Portfolio Service is here for us. 

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  1. Anonymous8:32 PM

    I have never understood stocks either, that is why there is a profession for it. You need a degree I think to get it, lol. Thank you for sharing.


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