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Playing Trombone isn't easy unless you have fairy godparent

Do you ever watch the same television show with your child? I do watch the same show with my son, especially when they play Timmy and the Fairly Oddparents on Nick. Very entertaining plus I don’t mind watching the cartoon shows, for I like it is another way to relax my mind. Granted that the show isn’t repeats, for I could care less.

Anyways, on this episode the kid name Timmy was playing that nice Trombone in his class, unfortunately he doesn’t have any talent at all, and that’s where his classmates start laughing at him. His fairy godparents are with him all the time to grant all his wishes, because he is unfortunate kid the Fairy head decided to give Timmy his fairies to help him with all his wishes.

Moreover, Timmy wishes to be a talented kid, so his fairy godparents granted his wish and he became very talented kid who can play the Trombone really good. Then, everyone in the school started to like him more.

Sometimes, these kinds of TV shows are way overboard from reality. However, we adults could only think of one thing, cartoons were created for kid’s entertainment only.


  1. Actually I think that one sends a bad message--that the only way a kid can be liked is if he/she is good at something otherwise he/she will be made fun of--not good!

  2. The messages in some cartoons are really weird since they are aimed at kids. I've been noticing that. I can only hope kids aren't really paying attention to the stories.

  3. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I always watch the shows my kids watch, we had one that was a cartoon that when I saw it - there was no way I would let my kids watch it. I used to watch that show with my oldest son, it has been a while and I do not remember the details of the ones we saw.

  4. my husband was a member of his high school band and he plays the trombone.

  5. Hubby plays bass when he was in high school.

  6. I am not musically inclined except for listening! Good luck with trombone


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