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Roads heading home

This would be one of my souvenirs on what our place looks like. It was taken during our last Vacation which was March 2013. I was really surprised, to see the big difference of my Hometown. The quiet place before was now a busy pace place. 

They have widened the road as well as the sidewalk. Too many tricycle which is the common public transportation now. More people than ever? I was only gone for at least 5 years and when I came back, things were totally different.

Why it is crowded in this area, because the other side of this road is a Public Hospital. So, it is just pretty common for the Tricycle and the Sidewalk vendors to hang out and do business on this other side of the road.

There's more building built for this place

That store were not there before I left, now it's basically a small booth of different fast food.

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