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What would be the Best Recorder for you?

When you are bored at home and nothing much you can do. Sometimes there are random questions that pop in your mind. Like for example, I was watching music videos to relax my mind for awhile, and all of a sudden I was asking myself about how do musicians record their music? Or what do they do? We all know that each individual has their own ways. Some musicians would rather be alone in order to be motivated, others would like to wind up plus go somewhere else and record their experience by using a nice tascam dr-40 from musicians friend . This portable digital recorder is very magnificent. I have no clue before about the difference of each recorder. However, through online searching it gives the idea of what it is capable of. I guess this is why; I need to read more and update myself to our fast-paced technology.
I bet every musician would love this recorder for is has a nice feature of having an adjustable mics, a four-track recorder, and an extended battery life which most of us would like to have because of the flexibility it can give us. It’s good that I learn new things every day, and it includes about Tascam Dr-40 recorder.


  1. Well i'm certainly no musician but anything that makes recording easier must be a plus.

  2. i'm so glad i'm not the only one who has random stuff pop into her head and I bet any musician would love this recorder device

  3. That is funny that you mention about the random questions popping in your head. I too have wondered about that. I think this may be something they use.

  4. LOL at the random thoughts! You are definitely not alone! My husband is a dj and something like this would be great - he's always hearing songs on the radio when we're out and about that he has to remember to look up later.

  5. Anonymous7:53 PM

    I think we all have random thoughts. I used to carry a recorder on me so I could record things at work instead of taking notes. Love that they have become so affordable and easy.

  6. I love affordable products. This sounds like a great item to have not just for the music lover but I would have used this in college for note taking.

  7. Great item for gifts on special occasion.

  8. Haven't had any recorder gadget except my through my iPhone. I would love to have a reliable one so I can use it during our spiritual feast, record all the bible discourse


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