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Who Said Romance was Dead?

The time you spend with your loved one can be sacred. With daily lives being so chaotic, it is essential to have some down time and what better opportunity then to take the time to spend it with your partner. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to necessarily curb the types of activities you enjoy and do. You are still able to go shopping, to clubs, to watch the football, it is a great way of sharing your loves and passions with the person you adore.

It can often be easy for couples to fall into the trap of repeating the same ‘date nights’ time and again. Visiting the cinema, going for drinks, going to dinner, they are all cliché activities that couples have done for centuries. Stale and unexciting dates can easily lead to a stale relationship, so why not spice things up a little? There are so many different things to do as a couple that both can enjoy and that are away from the norm of typical couple activities…

Re-Live Your First Date
Hopefully, your first date went well (otherwise you may not be where you are today) to recapture the romance, recreate the all important first date by visiting the same place, doing the same things, bringing back the memories of when you first met will only encourage your flame to burn brighter.

Your Song
Every couple has their own song, get tickets to the concert of the singer or band that are responsible for the song that evokes the romance within your relationship every time you hear it.

Be spontaneous!!! Book a last minute weekend away, whisk your loved one off for a romantic evening, cover the house in flowers, anything you can think of that will surprise your partner in the best possible way.

Wine Tasting
Vineyards are usually in beautiful settings. What better way to spend time together then in a glorious place with fine wines, amazing food and each other’s company.

Extreme Sports
Couples find romance in all sorts of ways through all types of activities. What better way to get closer then to throw yourselves out of a plane or a bungee off a bridge? The preparation, nerves and actual event will be enough to unite you both and its something you will share for the rest of your lives.

Day at the Races
One of the loveliest things you can do is a day at the races (horse racing is a little classier than dog racing fyi) getting in your finest clothes, enjoying the atmosphere, sipping champagne, it’s a day everyone can enjoy and having a successful flutter makes the day even better!

The Theatre
This is always a successful activity! The theatre is something that everyone can enjoy; choose a show that appeals to you both (or for the true romantics, opt for the one that your partner is keen to see even if it wouldn’t be your first choice). It is also the perfect opportunity to have a weekend dedicated to romance.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to be romantic. The simply things can often mean the most. Packing a basket of your favourite foods, picking up a blanket and disappearing for the day to somewhere simple and beautiful where you can just enjoy each other is one of the most passionate things you can do.

A lot of the romantic activities seem to be designed around impressing the female of the species. However, there is one activity that girls can do to win any mans heart

Video Game Night
Most men are video game enthusiasts and women therefore spend a lot of time complaining about this level of passion. Instead of moaning, get involved! Have a night dedicated to your partner’s favourite games, have his favourite snacks and join in whether it’s playing or simply watching. You will probably love you forever!!

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