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#Banana Plant is growing good

Just an update, seems that our banana plant is growing better and better everyday. Of course, it is summer here it gets a lot of sun which helps it to absorb the energy it needs. 

I just hope and it will survive during winter since we are going to be devastated if not. This means only one thing, we need to build up a Greenhouse and store the plant inside. 

Will give you more update next time.


  1. That is awesome, I don't think I can grow one here in our zone. Good luck to yours!

  2. love your positive outlook ;)
    Surely with your care it will survive the winter

  3. There is no way a banana plant would grow where I live! I hope it thrives one way or another!! Will be looking for more updates.

  4. luck with your plant. i see it has made progress

  5. that would be fun to try!

  6. pretty i'm no good at growing things

  7. oh wow! i'm green with envy! where did you get the sapling? if that's what it's called... yeah, build a greenhouse so that it won't die during the cold months!

  8. that's awesome! I want to plant one or two here in my garden.


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