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Father's Day Celebration for us

Father’s Day celebration in our household is as simple as we want it to be. The day started pretty great even though the weather is on our side. We did miss the Eucharist since we woke up very late.

After the brunch, I decided to clean hubby’s car for him as my simple token for this father’s day. This is what I always do during Father’s Day ever since. Hubby did his laundry too and after our chores, we both decided to proceed to Walmart, to see if they have the Wii U game available. It’s a Nintendo device that hubby was longing to get for.

We visited Warren, PA branch this time, as we always plan on going. It’s not that far from where we live, so going to a different state doesn’t hurt our pockets. To make the story short, we did find what we desire to buy, did some groceries and lastly had our dinner at Applebee’s and then headed home to relax.

It’s a nice Father’s Day celebration with my family. What about you, what did you do on Father’s day?


  1. A simple greeting and a simple meal, that's the only things that happened last Father's Day :)

    Nothing special really. And during that time it just so happen that we're not in good terms really LOL!

  2. That's great that you guys had a wonderful time in Warren, PA during Fathers Day! I look forward to meeting you in person mommy someday ;)

  3. sounds like you had a wonderful father's day

  4. Maybe I should wash our ccar as well on Father's day, nice idea.

    1. Doing things as a family is always the best.

  5. Good treat for fathers Day mommy everyday is fathers day and of course I know its good also to treat your hubby on daddys day in that way he knows you care for him good treat.

  6. Anonymous9:27 PM

    That sounds like a great Father's Day, glad you had a good day with your family.

  7. I called my father who lives in FL and made sure he got his gift. I wished I could have seen him, though

  8. Ours (as was Mother's Day) was very simple and laid back, too.

  9. Nicole A.11:05 PM

    Not father's day but I'm going to clean the car for my husband this week.

  10. I remember we went to a friend's son's birthday party and that Fathers day this year was on a Sunday so we went to another town's church other than Warren. It was a memorable Fathers day especially that fathers were being honored with a cake at our friend's house.

  11. Simple yet a very nice celebration of Father's Day!

  12. Looks like you had a simple but meaningful Father's Day....


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