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First day of Summer 2013

It is Official! Summer is finally begun. I LOVE it! I feel like I'm in the Philippines. I can't wait to be outside all the time. Spend most of my time been bitten by blood sucking insects, nahhh just kidding! I don't know. I just missed hometown even more. This would be great, except that my noisy and adorable niece and nephews weren't around. 

There are so many things to do. I might ask my son to roll around on the hill by the school field. Do you have plans for Summer? I would love to know what are they. 

Have a wonderful and fun Summer everyone! Don't forget to apply sunscreens and wear hats too.


  1. I had to look at the date of this post. I was thinking, summer is about to end here. :-)

  2. We love summer! We're feeling the heat but we're already back in school and in a routine schedule.

  3. Ops! Wait the minute. Summer is ending soon hehehhe. This article must be posted late hehehhe

  4. So sad to see the summer time slipping away..

  5. this year has flown by


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