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How to wear Furs sophistically

Dressing up your outfit with fur wraps sounds like an exotic idea, but if you don't know how to wear them, they just might end up looking awkward. They are many ways you can wear a fur wrap, each chic and attractive with its own look. Simply choose the one that fits your style the best and show off your new look!
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1. Over Both Shoulders Draping the fur over both your shoulders looks good with just about every kind of fur wrap. It's the most well-known way to wear a fur wrap and is a great way to keep your neck warm during cold weather.

2. Over Your Elbows For a more elegant look, drape your wrap over your elbows and around your back, rather than over your shoulders. This look is especially attractive with a fur stole, as it is just the right shape and size for this.

3. Around Your Back this is a combination of the first two. Instead of going over the shoulders or the elbows, the wrap goes around the upper arm. This method looks fabulous, but it doesn't provide much warmth, so you may want to choose a different method for colder weather.

These are the three most well known ways to wear your fur wrap. Which one you choose depends on your own sense of style and whether you need warmth or just an attractive look. Experiment with them all and see which one you like. Either way, wearing fur is always a great way to bring an elegant, classy look to your natural style.


  1. I have never own one and probably wont hahaha, they look classy..

  2. I think the number one thing to consider is to make sure it is not fake looking.
    I don't want to wear real fur, but again, it needs to look good on me while I wear it properly with your tips :-)

  3. I will not wear real fur--but these tips will work with faux fur as well. Just as an aside-I once had a dog who went for someone because she was wearing a real fur coat--luckily I was able to hold her back!!

  4. i dont think I would ever wear. Never gets that cold in SC.

  5. I could never wear one here in FL, but looks great

  6. i need one of those to keep me warm

  7. i actually don't and would not want to wear fur.. no offense meant to those who do, but i feel like i have not given justice to the animal where the fur came from (or so). but good tips though.

  8. thanks for sharing good tips on these. but I can't wear fur. I wouldn't be able to move. :D


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