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It's been my5th Year

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It’s been 5 years to be exact now since I first step a foot in the United States of America. I was so naïve and clueless when I was at Detroit, Michigan Airport trying to find the next gate for my third flight. I was exhausted and jet lag, however, I need to get it over with since I didn’t comprehend I just travelled half across the world to be my beloved.

The memories flash back during the occurrences I had on this day 5 years ago. The escapade I took was something I will always cherish and to be shared with for the rest of my life. I never regretted choosing the path now, for I now have an amazing son and a wonderful husband.

I only miss one thing, to spend more time with my parents and my siblings together with their own family. I was use to the crowded and noisy place back in my hometown. Other than that, I’m pretty good. Maybe someday, when it’s time for us to retire, I will definitely choose to be resting in my homeland. 


  1. You came here alone sis? My port of entry was Guam so it was short, coming here I was with my husband since he waited fr me in Guam. Great to know everything is working great for you, nt all are blessed you know. We are so lucky!

  2. Happy 5th anniversary! It's crazy how fast time flies huh? Congratulations!

  3. how awesome! in June it'll be my 4th year.:)


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