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The thing I do when I'm bored

When I am lonely, what I usually do to get the boredom away is to watch my favorite music videos. I like to watch the videos over and over where I get to the point that I memorized the lyrics. Never get tired of listening to my favorite songs.

Aside from repeating the music over and over, I have the chance to observe the background and other things happening within the music video. That’s when I started to notice Guild Guitars is what mostly musician use. It has a pretty appearance and I bet how amazingly good the guitar is. Does it come to your mind on how much would this thing may cost? I bet it cost more than a thousand dollars. Thus, I don’t blame for how nice the piece is. That would be a great guitar to get someday.

Therefore, that’s it! I love music and I watched the music video over and over until my boredom goes away. What about you, what do you do when you are bored? 

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