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Trapping Pest Chipmunks

That's right! We are trapping these chipmunks in our backyard. They seem to become a pest in our yard's plants. Below is just one of the plants they dug up. The poor pineapple was left like that. It also dug the sides of my Malunggay which apparently dead by now. 

I have to plant a new seed again, because of that. One precious thing that these chipmunks ate was the bulb of my sprouting rose. Aren't you annoyed yet? I am very to the max that I want to take my pinball gun and starts shooting them.

I am an animal friendly, but when it damages my properties and plants, they mess with the wrong human. I can be deadly to these creatures. 


  1. We don't have trouble with chipmuncks. However, after we planted a bunch of flowers over 2 nights snails ate all of the flowers. So frustrating.

  2. Anonymous3:40 PM

    chipmunks used to be so cute as i watched them all the time on kid's cartoon network hehehe...but in reality they're indeed a pest. Too sad to think that it really annoys you and also kills your plants all the time...

    My problem here in our area too is the wild rabbits, they're everywhere and always killed my flowers...

  3. no chipmunk here but groper moles a plenty

  4. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Look at the bright side, the pineapple was still newly planted, they take two years to grow so I would have been more furious if it had another pineapple on it! Good luck with your battle. I am losing my garden to a fungus and it is a battle I can not seem to win.

  5. I am glad we dont have those around here. we do find bunnies once in a while.

  6. oh no!. i ahve not seen a chipmunk here but we do have rabbits and squirrels visiting our yard every so often, lol!

  7. I am sorry to hear you are having such a problem with chipmunks. I didn't realize they were destructive.

  8. Good I hope you get this taken care of


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