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What would be a wonderful summer activity?

Summer has just begun and I bet most likely every family has their own plans to bond with their kids. Summer is just way more fun ever! No school’s for 2 months, no homework to think, and no exams to worry. I think our kids deserve some time off so they’ll enjoy the environment together with the gorgeous weather this summer.

If you don't have anything planned at all, well a walked in the park or biking with your kids would something you might want to consider. Another thing is if you went outside your house to work on your yard, take your kid/s with you, and let them play outside the house, of course with parent’s supervision. Don't forget to apply sunscreen to prevent from getting sunburn. Then if you have a safe big yard, let your kids play their toys, bikes, those tiny cars they have or even those adorable scooters. Let them be kids for they won’t be kids forever.

Speaking of scooter, that’s one more thing I need to get for my son, a nice scooter. I got to teach him how to use it one of these days. He is at that point of age where he knows how to balance himself and also scooters are way fun for kids. Well, I never had one when I was little so I don’t know. Have never even tried to ride one either, thus, I’ll ensure to try soon.

Moreover, definitely include this fun ride in our list the next time we visit the store. It’s always been fun to get those customized-designed scooters. Therefore, either shop at our local store or check it online. If you wish to visit online simply, check out it’s where I found a perfect online place to shop for a good scooter. They have variety of durable and high quality product. In addition, to that, I could not settle down with just one. I wish to have all, thus I only need one for my son.

I do hope before summer ends, my goal for my son to learn how to ride his scooter will achieve. Something I look forward to accomplish. 


  1. I always try to learn a new skill during summer. This year, I'll try to learn how to play a guitar and learn a new foreign language, French maybe. I hope your son learns how to ride a scooter. Have fun!

  2. My daughter attended a 2-month summer camp. She liked it, because most of her friends attended it too.

  3. Yes! Having a scooter is fun for kids. They will surely enjoy riding on it during summer.

  4. So how's the goal coming along? Did he learn how to ride his scooter?

  5. our summer was fun and full of activities


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