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Why it's better to get an iron railings

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When most people dream of owning a house, the white picket fence is usually a part of the design. However, it may benefit your yard, as well as your finances, to put up an iron fence instead. Iron and steel fencing have many advantages over a regular treated wood picket fence in the areas of design, functionality, and the environmental impact. Iron railings have a decent number of benefits compared to the normal treated wood fencing: While iron can rust if not taken care of properly, it’s an easy fix compared to the price of installing a whole new fenced area. Wood breaks down and decomposes over time, which means you will eventually have to replace it. Iron is recyclable. This means that if you should ever decide to take down your fencing, you can dispose of it in an environmentally safe way. Treated wood is not recyclable and therefore can potentially be a hazard to your environment. An iron railing can be painted and repainted as many times as you want. This is not the truth for treated wood. When you sand blast treated wood, you are not only chipping away at the wood, you are also releasing the chemicals used to treat the wood. In closing, pound for pound, iron fencing is more durable and aesthetically pleasing than the traditional treated wood fencing. If you are looking for a beautiful way to enhance the outside of your home that will last a lifetime, iron fencing is the way to go.


  1. You really have to keep up with iron fencing also--you must keep it painted or it will rust!!

  2. I do agree but the cost is just too much that's why we chose to use treated wood for our fence.

  3. My mom has an iron railings on her staircases and it was the best decision made. They are sturdy and they do last a long time.


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