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Bored – Playing with an Eye Pencil

Those are one of the days; I have nothing else to do. I’m done with my routinely chores, nothing to blog about nor paid task to inscribe. I strong-willed to play with eyeliner. I got this astonishing and efficient black eyeliner from one of the pitch company I wrote a review before.

I infrequently used them, as my hubby gets irritated to see me wearing makeup. His point is why I should put some makeup where I have to be proud of my natural beauty. Char! Pag-sure diha Dong! Anyways, he wasn’t home that time so he never stopped me that day. He won’t nagged around while I’m working on it.
It turned out nice
I love how I make the makeover effortless. I like wearing makeup but it should be simple. Therefore, I could still look natural and would not overpower my gorgeousness. As if! I have good looks to show. It worked great; I love how I did, will surely wear the same application when we go somewhere.

My boredom paid off; at least I have learned something new for myself.

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