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How to Add More Ram in your Operating System

If you aren’t familiar with what RAM stands for it is Random Access Memory. It is basically the speed On your computer operating system. This is a big help in order to have a fast, quick, and a good computer system.

I am showing you a very simple step on how to add more RAM in your operating system. First, make sure you have compatible RAM and have to go with similar GB in order to work well. There are instances that it might work but not as good as both capabilities.

Here’s how you can add more RAM in your laptop:

Make sure to turn over your laptop on a flat surface

Open the back cover with a star screw carefully...

RAM can easily be identified for it's a rectangular shape with series of chips on it
Simply pushed the white sides that hold the ram gently to release the RAM

To add a compatible RAM simply pushed those pins together and push the whole board gently until snaps.

That's it, close and screwed back the cover. And when you restart your laptop you will notice in your Device Manager the available RAM or added RAM in your laptop or computer.

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