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My Movie Review: The Heat

It was one of the Friday night movies with my spouse and son. We figured out it's time for some action-comedy movie to look at. We decided to watch THE HEAT. Cast by famous star Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, both are working in law enforcement to fight against drugs. The FBI played by Bullock and a local cop played by McCarthy rivalry to solve the crime are just outrageous, which mutually decided to work jointly in order to unravel the problems quickly.

The combination of Bullock and McCarthy is superb. Very funny movie, the comedy starts from the beginning of the movie until it ends. My jaw hurts and I do find it very humorous. Rated 13, there’s a lot of unnecessary words being uttered so watch out for very young kids. I will give the movie a 5 star rating.

You should watch it, one of the best movies this year. Also, glad that our son never pays attention to the movie at all, but still we can’t tell if they weren’t listening since they have a very sharp ears. Our solution is to give him some games to play and a headphone so he won’t be able to hear those spiteful words being spoken out. 


  1. This looks very interesting, I like SB's movies so I will look forward for this one.

  2. I want to see this one too! I like movies with sandra in them! The previews look good, they make it seem really funny!

  3. i want see this movie so bad

  4. Nicole A.3:36 PM

    I still want to see this!

  5. Now this os a movie I would enjoy--I love comedies!! Gonna look for this one!!

  6. Looks like a fun movie! I hope it's on netflix.

  7. Just looking at the picture, it looks like a comedy movie. I'd like to watch.


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