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Temporary Roadways

I have to be honest I am not very good when it comes to construction matters. I have to make sure I read and gain knowledge of what the specific item is about, how it helps and what its big contribution into the mixture. Back in my hometown in the Philippines, I have been noticing that there are always road constructions in high ways. Whether they built a new roadway or some constructions were a replacement of the broken pavements. One thing I knew is they have to mixed rocks and cements in order to create the concrete or pavement stronger enough for vehicles to pass through that would last more than a year or so.

Other than highways there, some areas that really need to have roadways, even if it’s temporary in order to have a better transportation. Temporary is better than nothing at all, hoping that the government will fund those places. Quality Mat portable roadways are one of the easiest ways to use; it can be easily installed and remove. I just wish the someday, those areas in my hometown will have a nice roadways for a convenient way to get to a certain place.


  1. I have no idea either, not a woman thing for sure.

  2. I do not know anything about this type of thing.

  3. Nicole A.4:17 PM

    Construction can be such a pain.

  4. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I was just in an area where I drove on a bridge that was under and over other bridges being built. I told my son I was quite uncomfortable being there. Construction of roadways is always stressful for everyone.

    1. you are not alone, it seems like you're getting paranoid to unintentionally drive those cones they put on the side of the road...

  5. I really find road construction to be so stressful. I also don't like go over bridges and things that are made for construction detours it makes me very nervous.

  6. Just love when road construction makes everyone have to slow down to a crawl. The orange barrels always make me sing the old kids song that repeats the 2 words 'orange barrels' about 300 times (very annoying, but fun for the kids!)

  7. Construction is not for me. Might as well hire a professional.

  8. Construction is not for me. Might as well hire a professional.

  9. Construction is not for me. Might as well hire a professional.

  10. I love it when there are signs at least 2 miles before the construction site, that way I know which lane shall I stay at :)

    Liza Barnett


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