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Where to get an Electrolux Accessories

A wide array of Electrolux accessories is available for purchase. These products are designed specifically for Electrolux appliances, and using them will keep appliances clean and running at peak performance.

Accessories available for premium Electrolux appliances includes:

• Air and water filters for refrigerators

• Charcoal recirculation filters for the oven
• Stainless steel filters for vent hoods
• Fill hoses for washing machines
• Touch up appliance paint pens for washers and dryers
• Venting kits and power cords for dryers

In addition to replacement parts and maintenance items, such as filters, is a great place to shop for quality cleaning products for Electrolux appliances. These eco-friendly cleaning products range from microfiber cloths to smooth cook top cleaners, oven cleaners, stainless steel cleaners (highly recommended to keep stainless steel appliances looking new and shiny) and non-abrasive, reusable cleaning pads to take care of tough, stubborn stains and spills.

Online ordering is easy and state-of-the-art financial software ensures that payment options such as PayPal, credit cards and money orders are secure and private.

Order and shipping status can be reviewed online and both are confirmed by Electrolux via email. There is also a toll-free number listed should any customer require personal assistance with questions or with their purchases.


  1. I have never used any electrolux bran products.

  2. I haven't use any Electrolux products either, at least not that I can remember. I may have, I just don't always remember the brand of something.

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I need new filters for our refrigerator so I will check them out. Did not realize they had them.

  4. I am actually looking for new filters for my vent hood I will have to see what they have. Thanks for the information I didn't know about them before.

  5. It's time to change the filters in our house too. Great place to buy the stuff we need.

  6. I have never used any electrolux bran products.

  7. Haven't use that stuff but thanks for sharing this information.

  8. I don't know if i have an electrolux appliance.

  9. I heard it but never had one, like everyone its about time for us to replace filter and I would love to try their product

  10. I have never had any electrolux appliances, and if we ever do, my husband would probably send me to a store to get parts. he does that to me all the time with picture of the product on my cell phone :)

    Liza Barnett

  11. We don't have an Eletrolux appliances. But, this is helpful for those who have.


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