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Where to get TV Mounts

The modern TV set or computer monitor almost always has a stand on which to mount it. This structure is much more popular than the old-fashioned portable TV, and for a number of reasons: It is esthetically more attractive and it takes up less room, so you can have more space to put other things. Now it is even possible to fix your TV into the wall — yet a greater economy of space. The monitor mounts at come in both these forms. They include:

slim wall mounts — These are good if you are aiming for the “low profile” appearance.

articulating arms — These are for you if you are the kind of person who changes his mind often and would like to be able to adjust things as much as possible.

mounts with pivot pitch — make it easy to adjust your viewing angle
ceiling mounts — With this kind you can relax on your bed while watching.
desktop monitor mounts
iPad stands and mounts — People like to be able to prop up their tablets while they use them.
truss mounts — for fixing the TV on a truss, a structure whose members are connected at the joints
multiple display mounts and stands — You can put several sets side by side with this.


  1. this is very good
    recently I posted about the dangers of improper TV mounts, this can help parents choose correctly

  2. TV mounts are becoming increasingly popular. It is really important that you get the correct mount for your size of TV and install it properly.

  3. We don't mount our tv, we have a huge entertainment center and we put the tv on top of it. I would love to have our tv mounted though.

  4. This is what we need to buy soon. We are getting rid of our entertainment center and we will just mount our TV on the wall.

  5. We have a tv mount that works great in our bedroom.

  6. still scared of using a tv mount. maybe i just need to find a really good and durable one.

  7. TV Mount has already become the obvious part of interior designing. They not only save the space also they increase the beauty of the living or dinning room. Thank you for the blog post.


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