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Where to look for a contemporary house and lot

Growing up I always wanted to own a house, where I can live on my own. When I have the job, I started to set aside some money from my paycheck so I could start a loan. However, things do change when meet someone who lives a thousand miles away from your hometown. Because you love that person, you have to sacrifice your life and move into a new place and then your plans in life changes. It wasn’t bad; I love the path where I am at now. Still it would be awesome to have your own property in jacksonville nc mls. I’ve seen some of those wonderful houses they have just recently built, makes me want to be the owner of one. I presume in the future, when we are able to afford another mortgage, I’m surely checking Jacksonville again.


  1. Jacksonville looks like an awesome place to live.

    I moved from So Cal to WA with hubby I know how it is to be wanting to move back 'home'.

  2. Don't know that area but i'm sure they have lots of good properties over there. We want our dream house too, hopefully in the near future we will be able to buy it.

  3. Finding the perfect place to live with your family is crucial.

  4. I have family in Jax, FL. It is a beautiful place.

  5. like sharon, i have a family in Jax, FL too!! it's a nice place there, though I haven't been there, but i always see her photos in FB. Anyway, we all hope to have our own home, one of these, that dream will come true.

  6. we plan to move to san diego in a few years, i try to look for a house online before we go there to see it and move in.


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