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Why I never like to get up early

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After I finished up my former work at the University, I’m working with in the Philippines. I never enjoyed waking up too early in the morning at all. I don’t know why or maybe everyone is just like me. Was it because since I have been a little, I have to wake up very early in the morning in preparation for school, I don’t want to miss the class nor always be tardy, so we need to do that.

Another reason also is to be able to be in school on time. We don’t have a vehicle that would give us a ride to a 2 miles distance. Therefore, my siblings and I have to walk to and back home. There is no exclusion whether it pours or sprinkle, very hot and humid day or not, since education is very important for us so, we have to sacrifice.

I guess that’s probably one of those reasons, why I never wanted to wake up earlier than 8am. I can stay very late at night, but don’t make me get up too early. Now that I am a mother, I might exercise the early morning arise again, soon enough my son will go to school and I have to make sure he won’t miss his school bus. If not, I have to secure he will be on time before the school door closes.

I believe this is my life. Until my days will be over I don’t need to get up too early, otherwise, I have to force myself to wake up early, or else I’ll be suffering from the consequences later on. 

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