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Airlines’ promotion is overwhelming

“Promo reminder: Fly from Manila with zero-Peso base fare!”

That’s what I’ve seen in the social media lately, I mean come on! Where are those promotions during our visit in the Philippines? If there were promotions like these during those months, I would have gone into different places, which I prefer to do with hubby and kid instead of just sitting my butt in the house.

The reason for me to go home is to hang out with my family, however when hubby joined the vacation? That’s another story, I wish he could see the different parts of the Philippines, visit the different tourist spots where I mostly seen on television and magazines.

But no!!! Because the airline fares were so outrageous, we never did, we stayed most likely in Gensan, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro. A place where he already visited the 2nd time he came to see me.

A big bummer! This time, I’ll ensure to have a good itinerary that would only include me, hubby, kids and my parents, the rest can come but with their own expense.  


  1. Airline prices can be really high and I noticed that just going a short distance (VA to NJ) was over $500 dollars but going from (NJ to CA) was just over $300. I don't understand the prices sometimes but if they'd make them more affordable everyone could travel for sure.

  2. UGH, airline prices are outrageous! I haven't flown anywhere in about 8 years. I want to go to a beach in the middle of the ocean so bad!

  3. I want to go home so bad but the air fare is preventing us to go, sigh..

  4. Traveling overseas is expensive and you really have to check out promotions and try to go when they have them.

  5. It's such a shame and it's also the other places missing out as well on people spending money there.

  6. I have not been to the Philippines yet, since I came here in the US. That makes the two of us....

  7. just subscribe to the local airlines' newsletter or like their fb pages because they always post their piso fares or special fare prices, so you get updated and if you have plans of going home for a vacation, you can check them out ahead and book. that way you can get to visit more places.

  8. I always find those deals very misleading and sometimes if they are legit they go out fast. :(


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