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Where to shop a designer's shoe

I always adore fashionable and unique shoes. One of my hobbies lately is to collect different style of designer shoes. They were like stars that shine in my eyes, when I have extra income I never hesitated to buy a new one. I guess wanting more shoes now is something that happens during my childhood days. I have two older sisters where I usually get my shoes. I keep wearing their old shoes rather than buying a new one.  

Our parents save money for our daily expense, therefore it is a big save if we have to be thrifty. It is not that I don’t understand our life situation; however having brand new shoes would sometimes I always wish to have when I was a little girl.

Time flies and now that, I am capable of buying my own shoes, I even collect different style and overwhelmed by how many designs out there. I never thought that my collection would turn out to be a hobby and soon became a predicament to refuse.

I was browsing online yesterday and I have already bookmarked the websites where I checked those gorgeous and unique shoe designs. I can wear them in different occasion or if I go out with my friends.

Online shopping for me is more fun, since I have a 3-year-old kid who gets bored too quickly, it would not be a fun day for me to pick and shopped different shoes in-store. I’m glad that I can do the shopping while I’m in the comfort of our home.

Below is few of what I like to acquire some day. If you like what you see, you can always shop to the website where I visits. Simply visit them here and you can see varieties of design you might want to have. 


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