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Still looking for another great option

Just because we are done with, the major renovation at home doesn’t mean I have to stop looking for more options. I still am, in fact I’m still crazy to all the design I found online.

I have this specific website where shows you on what you can do with your home, from basement to your attic.

It’s just a matter of time, money, and season. That’s right, time hubby gets really crazy busy at work during summer. On my part, I can only do so much without his help, plus its fun that you have 3 years old to help you without questions; hence, it’s more dangerous for him to get hurt as he thinks everything is fun and parents' concern for their kids is overwhelming.

Money, we have all the ideas, yet we need to ensure we save money for a draught. Can’t spend all of them in house project right? Need to save for emergency purposes too.

Lastly, season, I wish we had only two seasons or 3 seasons here. Nevertheless, not gonna happen, we all stopped when winter comes, all the yard work has to be frozen before late spring comes. Nobody wants to stay outside and get freeze, very uncomfortable and health risks too.

I will get back here and compile some of the photos I’ve seen on the website where I took all my ideas. Can’t wait, and as for now, I’ll let the suspense left here until I’ll come back.

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