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Where to go when computer problems occurs

Lately I am trying my best to learn more about how to fix PC and laptop when it has problems on either software or hardware. I need to know what causes the problems, how did it occur, what are the chances if I troubleshoot it on this and that, and then troubleshoot to what needs to be done.

It usually takes just less than an hour to troubleshoot issues when it’s not complicated. However, when the computer or laptop has issues like virus infected, malware, etc., that’s where the fun begins. Therefore, I need to take a day off online and focus with my computer issues.

Now, if you aren’t sure what’s going on with your computer and don’t want to manipulate it yourself. There are always an easy ways to help you. There are so many online help now, where tech-supports could access your computer virtually, they work from their place and no need for you to take your computer somewhere else.

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A new website I just recently discovered is the Iolo registry repair. If you have stubborn problems that you don’t know where to start and how to get rid of the problem, this is where you should go and check. The website will guide you figured the help you need. It gives you ideas on what causes the problems and how did you get it.  

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