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Farewell September 2013

Today is the last day for the month of September. That means another month is going to end and tomorrow will be a new one. We are getting closer and closer to special Holidays and are you ready about it? As much as I am still struggling like the very first time I’ve moved here, I have to accept. This is my new home and my life evolves with my new love of my life.

As this kind of occasion came closer, I always reminisced my childhood days. That I am with my whole family even though we bickered with my siblings a lot, which I assumed would be pretty typical. However, those bickering were replace of imminence with each other, rather that I would never ever exchange.

Consequently, before this month ends, I would like to share something not extraordinary hence impressive that would hark back me of my homeland and family. A personal update sharing for this month.


  1. I can totally relate to this :) yes, we choose this kind of life to be away from our immediate family and we have to deal with it.

  2. well, that is the reality of life. we make choices. though your far away from your family, as long as the communication is there, it feels like we/you are close to them.

  3. Probably, it wasn't your plan to be away from family, but the good Lord has planned for you and that is to live in a place that you've never dream off. Distance is not an obstacle anymore for communication. Although, we have this high tech gadget for communication, we still have problem, and that is our time difference.


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