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Sun Sleeve for your sun protection

If you like to work outdoors then you need something that would protect you from sun rays. It’s better to have protection nowadays in order to prevent some serious complications due to a skin exposes in ultraviolet rays that sometimes get you into some serious problems. 

I’m delightful when I was given the opportunity to review Eclipse Sun Sleeve product. I’ve gone ahead to the website to see what would be the right size and the colors what I might want to evaluate. They have varieties of color if you need something particular. In addition, it is a unisex, which is much better. They also have protection for kids.
Ready for gardening

I received the Sun Sleeves with a retail price of $26.99/pair. The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear; I’m quite surprised the fabric is not itchy at all. It is very cool to wear while I was under the sun, as I don’t feel any sun pain. Love the different colors it carries, it’s not just a sun sleeve, and they also carry sun gloves in your hand.

The length or size that I choose is just perfect. This sleeve is great for golfing, gardening, driving or just any outdoor and indoor activity. An odor resistant, quick drying after you washes the sleeves. Moreover, great for colder weather, which I am excited for the versatile sun sleeve. I like the product more when my fingers aren’t covering to move freely and have UPF 50+.

You may purchase your pair online @ and also can be found at

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  1. Oh, that's a must-have for gardening! I must have one like that when I get back to gardening in the Philippines.

  2. oh my! I need those, I'm unfortunate to be easily bitten by sunshine I always have my upper arms lighter than the other part :/

  3. Wish I have this during the summer time but you can still use this in cold season hehehe.

  4. I do that during the winter time and it's so cold.

  5. My mom should have these sun sleeves. She works outside our house most of the time to do her gardening. I like that it has SPF50, much like the branded rashguards for swimming.

  6. Hindi lang pang-gardening, pang tricycle pa. Perfect to wear when you are riding your big bike.

  7. I would love to have that since it's also good for the cold weather. I need that too while working.

  8. I've been planning to buy one for sometime now to use when gardening. Thanks, now I got an idea what brand to purchase! :)


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