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Five Great Ways to Rejuvenate Your Home

Recycling and reusing are great ways to bring a whole new feel to your home – and you don’t have to spend a penny on new furniture to do it! Have a look at these five great ideas for getting a whole new lease of life out of the items you already own, and start planning your new home today…
Making a fresh start with your walls
Got some old wall paint left over from previous decorating jobs? Make some stencils and start covering your walls with funky designs. You can choose contrasting colours to pick out your existing scheme, or take the walls back to white before you put in your new designs. If you want to save yourself the work, or you’re afraid your artistic skills won’t stretch as far as wall designs, then you can pick up good quality vinyl wall transfers for very little money.

Get back to natural wood
Any painted wooden item is a prime candidate for rejuvenation. A little investment in time and effort will repay you with beautifully sanded natural wood, which you can varnish for a new finish or paint in different colours. The longer you spend on sanding, the more beautiful your finished piece will be. Wear appropriate safety equipment (a dust mask and goggles), and tackle your project one sand at a time. For large areas like floors, it’s a good idea to keep a note of how far you have got on each sanding – you may need to spend several weeks preparing the floor before you varnish.

Replace your toilet seat
You can completely change the look of your bathroom just by replacing your plastic or wooden toilet seat with a new one. Or you can follow my advice about sanding to rejuvenate and paint a wooden seat and seat cover, so you don’t even have to spend money on the replacement. Consider matching a bath mat with your new design, and splash out on a couple of towels that go with the new colours. Your entire bathroom will feel as though it has been newly installed.

Have a clearout
Getting rid of things you don’t use or like anymore is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to rejuvenate your home. Be ruthless: go through all that clutter with a fine toothcomb and give what you don’t want to charity shops, or sell it on local websites. You might find you generate enough money for the materials you need to put the finishing touches to your new decluttered space – paint, varnish and sanding equipment to really bring up the bits you’ve left behind!

Add a new coat to an old bath
Old enamel bathtubs can look pretty shoddy, once they start to chip and fade. If yours is looking the worse for wear, though, don’t worry – you can recoat your tub to make it look smooth, shiny and new again. A resurfacing kit like the ones sold at Tubby UK makes the job simple and quick – and you can put the new surface on in whatever colour you like. 

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  1. We did some of this, we just cleaned our walls and plan to paint it soon. We also hire a company to put a new coat to our bathtub.

  2. My hubby is good in doing these so I am so happy his good in this kind of job. As of now we're not doing anything since am staying on the apartment.

  3. clearing out evertyhing that we never use is a must for my husband he dont like hoarding this.everything not in use should be given to someone or throw away to give some more space too

  4. we are more of minimalist too, whatever we do not need, put them away. and i do believe in less is more

  5. I like natural wood floors. It is just expensive. Hopefully, we can afford it in the future.

  6. I like natural wood floors too but it is hard to maintain.. and there's a lot of work to make it shine.

  7. Pretty nice tips. Going back back to natural wood is a great idea to consider, since i do love carpentry works.

  8. Thanks for the tips. You reminded me to re-decorate our apartment as everything looks old to me now.

  9. This is a very helpful tips especially when we are really planning to buy a house. I am also into de cluttering since y aknow mostly the hosue here in the Philippines are small for affordable ones.

  10. I would really like to ready our flat but we have so much stuff now I guess it's better to just move to a bigger one, lol. Great tips!

  11. I was telling the hubby yesterday that maybe we should re-paint our house beause it is all white. He refuses though but I am not giving up. I would love a to have a toilet make over too.I will let him read this to inspire him :)


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