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How to pick your tables and chairs for special occasion

Thanksgiving and Big Holidays are fast approaching, if you are hosting a Thanksgiving occasion as we will be for the very first time, it would be very stressful for the host. Since it is the first time to hold it in our humble home, I want everything to be great, from the food to the table arrangement as well as the arrangement on where the kids should sit, as we all know that everyone is part of Thanksgiving or the Holiday celebration.

I need ideas on what would be the table display, seeing, as this would be the very first time that we are eating our Thanksgiving dinner together sitting on a big table. Isn’t that too exciting? Therefore, I am searching for simple and elegant kind of table settings and decoration for the house.

I have found a good table for the occasion; we already own one so I don’t need to buy this, thus a good way for me to share this idea with you. A long table for a big family member, please do check below so see different kinds of dining table for your dining room on this incoming occasion. 


  1. I haven't had room for a dinning table and chairs in years (my first flat had a huge kitchen where I could but since then not so) but if I had room I think I would like something quite antique looking :) x

  2. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I moved into my house over 5 years ago and still have yet to decorate it. Now we are talking about moving, I can not wait as my next house will be something I want so I will want to decorate it. That table in the top picture would be perfect. Saving this to my favorites until then.

  3. wow gorgeous tables wish i was better at designing stuff

  4. The table does help set the mood for a meal, so it is important to choose wisely.


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