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I am tired of gaining weight

I have to admit while growing up I am different from my siblings when it comes to body mass. Since childhood, I have seen myself as the chubby child; it’s very obvious since I love to eat. I remember that when my mother gave us our allowance every day, I won’t even save a single cent because I spent it all on food.

We have our meals 3 times a day but because I love to eat, I just can’t stop from snacking. The bad thing that time was I’m not a vegetable lover and all I ate is most likely junk foods. I was advised to slow down as I am starting to become an overweight. As a kid it’s hard to completely stop something I often do to control and discipline myself with food.

Time flies and my perspective in life have changed; I started to be more conscious with my weight and my figure. Being an overweight girl, I started to slow down with my eating habits, although it’s very hard for a few months. I’m struggling, I wanted to loss those weights fast and quick, and the only thing that I think of is not to eat, which is a very bad idea. I got sick and I got in a very big trouble because of my poor diet.

I’ve learned from my mistakes, since then, I search for a better diet plan, I asked for a better way to lose my unwanted fats. Although it took me a year to finally reach my goal, I am very satisfied with the result. It might be a slow process however; I am definitely losing the existing fats. I was successful with my diet strategy that’s why I am happy.

However, I might be successful hence; my older sister is not so lucky to lose all the weights she gained. She’s been trying to lose weight for years now, so I told her that she should try TRIMSPA diet pills. I told her to try the product as I’ve seen a good chance for to help her. The supplements ingredients can be found on their website for her information. I directed my sister to check out TRIMSPA dietsupplements to help her with her diet plans. She is excited about the news and I for her.

There are so many different ways to lose weight, we can exercise to the fullest, other’s can control and discipline themselves from eating habits, other’s will count calories, and other needs help like to take supplements in order to help them from not eating too much. We can’t tell what is really best for everyone, until we try the options. Others might have a successful diet plan and others might not be.

What do you think is best for you, would you try to take diet supplement pills or not?


  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    It is hard to lose weight sometimes. Just make sure whatever you take that your doctor is okay with it. I love that there are options out there to help, but love being safe.

  2. It can be hard to loose weight. It takes persistence and lots of work. A good diet and some exercise and you will be fine. It will not be fast or easy but it will be worth it. Take your time, and most importantly stay healthy!

  3. I know I am gaining weight now and I feel so bad about it, so I am trying to watch what I eat now. I've also resorted to trying diet pills but I am so afraid of the effects, I don't want to be sorry, I want to be safe as I still have little boys to look after to.

  4. I gained weight on my 20s and glad I lost it, I would never go back to that route again.

    1. gaining weight is easy but losing it isn't.

  5. Losing weight is a personal thing and the reason people can't lose varies so much.So, the decision to lose with pills or without is definitely a personal one.

  6. I will check out these pills...

  7. Losing weight is hard, one need perseverance and hard work. Eating healthy, less stress and exercise is still the best.

  8. I hear you sis. I super hear you. Unfortunately, some women's genes are really built to go crazy like mine. I have cut back on my intake and regularly exercise. So far, i only lost a kilo. Sometimes, it takes a lot of effort to burn the calories of your last chow down. So I guess, all we have to do is keep on moving and eat healthier.

  9. Good luck! Hopefully, this will work for you.

  10. Well, it's got to do with your discipline or other techniques on how to be in shape. Eating healthier food is the best and your article is superb for this subject.

  11. I hear you! Losing weight has been a struggle for me...trying to lose 20 pounds, and hoping to achieve it before 2013 ends....weeeeee! if not, will keep luck mami!

  12. Be a diabetic and I am so sure you will lost weight. LOL, Kidding aside watching your diet is the key to losing weight.

  13. Where can I find this diet pill here in Davao? I've gained 7 kilos in one year. Please, shed some light...

  14. I'd rather lose wait the natural way. It may be too tiring and the progress is slow but it's safer than drinking chemicals.


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