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It's Halloween! Should we go Trick or Treat

The day has come that it is finally a Halloween day. I was so happy to see a bright sunny day earlier this morning.  Meaning, we can go trick or treating without freezing our butt to death. Going to one house to the other would make the weather hindrance if the temperature later tonight would be freezing. I just hope not, as I have noticed that it is starting to be gloomy/cloudy outside this afternoon.

I even told my son that we could go trick or treating within our street this afternoon. That would be complete if the weather will not be really cold. I’m still hoping that the weather will be warmer later tonight.

Will you go trick or treating with your kid/s? 


  1. we went and had fun

  2. No kids to take trick or treating--but I do remember this--it was ALWAYS cold when I used to go out as a youngster--nothing stopped us back then except maybe a massive rain storm!!

  3. Trick or Treating isn't such a big thing here - I think we had one set call last night and one the night before. x

  4. Anonymous9:56 PM

    We went to a few houses. My son is very shy so by the fourth house, he was ready to go home. Not much candy, but that is okay.

  5. Cold and rainy in our Neck-of-the-woods yesterday, but the kids got to enjoy their day at school. The school had a little party so my little girl and I went over to school to see big babba and dadda. It was fun!

  6. Cold, Rain, Wet and yep they still went. However it was cut a little early this year. Since trick or treating last about 2 hours here, depending on the location sometimes and hour and a half, we let them trick or treat for about an hour and then the complaining set in and we headed home. It was fun while it lasted and the kids still got to enjoy the adventure of trick or treating! :)

  7. I have not tried trick-or-treating with my daughter. For years, she does it with her friends.

  8. We did despite the rain, it wasn't fuun at all as the wind was blowing also.

  9. Your kids' costumes look very cute. In the photo, they look as if they are running of to some grand adventure.


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