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No "CHARMED" reboots

photo from yahoo

Do you remember these three gorgeous hot witches? They have a popular TV show during the 90s and because of the awesome unalike magical each possess, I started to watch them from the first day up to the finale. The series called “CHARMED” and they became my favorite good witches since I started to watch the first season. I remembered that I have to wait at night during Wednesday as it was the day it’s played in the Philippines through one Channel [I don’t remember anymore].

After the series was over for a very long time, since then all these witches and supernatural TV shows starts to come out. They have their own stories but nothing measure up to the magnificent story of Charmed. It’s the best witches’ show I’ve ever seen and until now, I’m still watching their series over and over in the DVD collections I have.

I’ve read from the Yahoo news about the reboot, which everyone especially the old cast is against with. It is not a good idea, and to think the original cast will never be working with the reboot would I have assumed was a disaster. I just hope they’ll leave CHARMED the way it is, since as far as mostly of us think, they have the BEST series ever!!! We don’t want that to be ruined moreover the comparison of the original cast to the new one would definitely be a very big issue.

There were more twitter fans who are disagreeing on the reboot and I just hope it won’t happen. 


  1. i loved watching Charmed not sure i would like a remake

  2. I always liked the show Bewitched!! And will still watch re runs if they happen to be on--I think I saw Charmed once or twice.

  3. Oh no I hope they don't do that - it's a show that I could watch again and again I don't think it needs anything more added to it.

  4. Anonymous9:55 PM

    What is a reboot? I have never watched this show, but I rarely watch tv. I can say that the people that create the great shows seem to also know how to ruin them. How many shows/movies were re-done and then you do not have the desire to ever watch it again because it is not the same, not even close.

    1. I do agree! Kind of reminds me of the movie True Grit. I like the old one better than the new one. Just my saying. :)

  5. I too heard of it, but like you said, I like the old one and I am like you. I am hooked on this show and always watch it over and over and over again. Years ago, I would wake up early in the morning just to watch this show and go back to sleep after. That was before the babies. I love this show so much and they are my favorite.

  6. My daughter and I are addicted to charmed. We watch all the reruns and we even rewatched the WHOLE series on Netflix TWICE!! lol I hope they don't ruin a good thing! :(

  7. I watched this series when I was still in the Philippines. Eventually I got tired of the story line, and just ditched it.

  8. I have never watched this but my friend was very fond of this.

  9. It seems that every few years television shows and movies get remade with varying degrees of success.


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