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Pleated Conservatory Blinds and Autumn Colours

What is the true colour of Autumn? Whether you’re a yellow type of person or you like a more toned down African violet, you can now apply your favourite Autumn colour scheme to the garden conservatory blinds from Thomas Sanderson.

Pleated blinds can be made in over 200 different colours and customised to fit your conservatory, no matter how oddly shaped the windows may be. Amongst those 200 colours, there are 10 key shades picked out for Autumn 2013 by the colour experts at Pantone:

Poppy Red
It seems as though this shade of red has been a furnishing favourite for an eternity and when it comes to pleated window blinds, the tone is more than ideal – providing a strong backdrop to the room but still allowing enough translucency to keep it bright…which is exactly what we want in Autumn.

Again, another strong shade that won’t overpower the room. It works out nice when green tones are used in the conservatory, as the colour coordinates with some natural greens in the garden.

Dusk Blue
For conservatories that look out beyond a large garden, this is the perfect colour to blend in with the open blue skies we should see in spring. It’s an understated shade which can match up to many different tones on the inside of the room, so your colour scheme can be quite varied.

Lemon Zest (Lemon Zest)
Spring is all about sunshine, buttercups and daffodils right? Those vibrant yellows on the outside will intermingle perfectly with Lemon Zest. Add some yellow cushions and some wicker furniture on the inside to complete the picture.

Grayed Jade
Another understated tint that fades into the background and gives you a blank enough canvas to apply a range of different colours on the inside. This one has the added benefit of mixing nicely into the winter spectrum too – it’s a real all-rounder.

Monaco Blue
More of an ocean than a sky blue, this is the choice for those looking to add a deep, bold border to their conservatory colour scheme. It works well with oak or white furniture. The secret tip is to match your patio furniture coverings with this blue to make it really stand out.

Tender Shoots
In regards to Autumn, there isn’t a better green that matches up. This stalk-like shade is perfect for homeowners looking to instil a smooth link between the home and garden.

African Violet
Who said purple was feminine? This is another classy shade to select if you want a bright conservatory that still boasts a strong appearance on the outside. Plus, African Violet marries up with the shade of springtime petunias quite nicely…okay, maybe purple is a little feminine after all.

Linen (Linen)
This is a classic shade for pleated blinds from Thomas Sanderson and matches any interior design. The coverings will help you regulate temperatures and light in the room, whilst allowing you to furnish the inside however you like – without worrying about a colour clash. It’s always a safe option.

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Thomas Sanderson


  1. I love bright colors so I'll choose Lemon Zest from the list, and instead of African violet which is a little bit dark I'll have it in light purple.

  2. If I were to choose, I would love to have dusk blue pleated blinds since I love blue and I love looking at it. But I love a wooden style or colored pleated blinds since I love nature and nature loves me (I suppose!)

  3. That is one beautiful space in a home.

  4. If I would ask to colour if we have a house. I like the purple.Thanks for the great tips.

  5. I love colors that can life up my mood :) It's my first time nga pala to hear of African violet. Hehe

  6. An old rose colored one is perfect for our dream house.

  7. I love that sue Mommy! So refreshing! When I can have my own home someday, I can imagine redecorating it every season! Haha! Ka-gastos ra kaya! LOL.

  8. What a beautiful house that is Mommy N :-) I love the windows and the blinds too. We have one bay window in our family room and the blinds really add addition to the window. We have a white blinds :-)

  9. I like bright house, thus more windows for me. The picture is definitely within my style.

  10. Perfect colors- very relaxing and cool ambiance

  11. I love emerald. Aside from the fact that it's my favorite color, it simply gives a relaxing mood in the house.

  12. I'll go with Dusk Blue. I guess that fits my personality better! :)

  13. I am leaning to earthy tones so my choice will be linen and tender shoots. I love classic colors.


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