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Top Tips for Saving Money on your Water Bill

Saving money on your utilities is fairly simple when you know how. Wherever you are in the home, there’s ways in which you can save on your water bill so that not only are you saving some pennies but you’re also helping the environment by reducing the amount of water you use. Take a look at some of these top tips for inspiration:

In the Bathroom
  • ·     Take shorter showers rather than whiling away the minutes in there. A 15-minute shower uses far more water than a 5-minute one. A shorter shower is far more water-friendly than taking a bath, too (even though a bath can be incredibly relaxing on a cold day!).
  • ·     Check for leaks in taps and toilets. A slowly dripping tap or a leaky toilet can waste gallons and gallons of water over time. Look online to find out how you can check your toilet for leaks, or call in the experts who can do it for you. Learn how to unblock a toilet too, because this can be much more convenient than arranging for drain cleaning services from Dyno – unless it’s a particularly stubborn blockage further down the pipes, in which case you may need to call in the experts!
  • ·     Turn the water off when you brush your teeth or have a shave. The water doesn’t need to be running when you’re not using it and this means you’ll waste less water.
  • ·    If you have young children, bath them together rather than running their own baths. Not only will they be able to play and make a splash, but you’ll also be using less water, which, when they need to be bath daily, is a godsend!
  • ·   Only flush the toilet when you really need to. Many households choose to save water during the nighttime by only flushing if they need any more than a number one. Toilets nowadays also have separate flushes for ones and twos, which help to use less water when you don’t need it.

In the Kitchen
  • ·     Dishwashers may surprise you when it comes to their water consumption. In most cases, they use less than you’d use when hand-washing dishes. Make sure you only run it when it’s full though, because you’ll use the same amount of water, regardless.
  • ·   Don’t pre-rinse dishes; just scrape debris into the bin and wash. This will also help to minimize the amount of waste that goes down your plughole and will reduce the chance of a blockage.
  • ·    Save your cooking water and use it to water your plants – better than wasting it!
  • ·    Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need – better that than overfilling it and tipping what you don’t need away.

Water is a resource that many of us take for granted; people don’t appreciate how valuable it really is. There’s plenty of ways in which to save water around the home – find them and you can do your bit to conserve this precious resource and save on money, too. 

About the author: 

By Roxanne Wells


  1. great tips I'm lucky in that i have well water so it helps with son's long baths

  2. These are all great tips and many of them we already follow. Now I only have yo get my mother in law to turn the water off when she's brushing her teeth when she comes visit.

  3. I don't put our dishes in the machine without rinsing them, it is just the proper thing to do.

  4. Great tips and that reminds me I have to call the property management company we rent from as we need to get a leak in our toilet fixed.

  5. I think I could never do the first tip. Sorry... I like my showers long.

  6. Great tips! I already follow a lot of them. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. I am with you mommy April, I am guilty for taking showers for a bit longer. So not good. I too like my long warm showers. :) Great tips! Thanks for sharing.


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