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5 activities to build up those chicken legs

How much do you lift? That seems to be the common phrase thrown between fitness nuts in the gym change rooms. It’d not often that you hear, how much do you squat?  Poor legs, they are often ignored yet they are the muscle group that are vital for your daily activities. You use them to walk, jump, run around the yard with your kids, and dance awkwardly in your room by yourself on a Saturday night. If you’re legs are anything less than summer ready, incorporate one of these activities into your next workout regime.


Ever notice how cyclists have killer tone and muscle strength? Riding a bike is great for building muscles, especially in the lower half of your body, like your calves, thighs and rear end. For people with joint conditions or prior injuries to the legs or hips, this is a low impact exercise that allows you to still be active and build strength at your own pace. In order for your ride to become a strength building activity, you need to apply and alternate between different resistances throughout your ride. This is the difference between a solid workout that pushes the boundaries of what your legs can achieve and simply spinning your wheels. If you’re in the market for a new bike, we found that specialists like 99 Bikes will be able to cater to any rider, novice or veteran.


Jogging is a simple form of cardiovascular exercise that is not only low cost, but enhances your mental and physical wellbeing. Because it necessitates repetitive movement in the lower region of your body, one session will set you on the right track to leaner muscles and endurance.  Jogging engages a full range of muscles, and while it is largely a hamstring dominant activity, it also utilises your quads, calves, hips and glutes. Tip: The hamstrings, hips and calves work the most when you’re on a flat surface, and your quads and glutes start to engage more on inclines and hills.


Squats are the king are the king of all exercises and the sheer movement is the number one mass builder for your legs. When performing this move, you need to leave your ego at the front door and ensure your form is correct to get the most stimulation. This may mean you need to take some weight off the bar to perform them properly.  The key to an accurate squat is all in arch of your back and how deep you push into the ground; the top of your legs should be parallel with the floor to guarantee a full range of movement for maximum stimulation. When executed appropriately, this exercise will hit the quads, hamstring and glutes.


Many people don’t consider yoga as a way of building muscles; they mostly thinks of it as hippies in a room sitting crossed legged and breathing deeply. That aforementioned visual does happen, however a yoga session puts your body into positions and orientations where you ultimately have to lift and support your own weight against gravity. Supporting your own body weight develops muscles that are strong and in proportion to one another. So if you prefer your physique to have overall muscle distribution, incorporate a weekly yoga session into your fitness regime.

What exercise do you swear by for building muscle? Tell us in the comments below.


  1. i bike ride but want to start yoga

  2. I would love to start running. But I first have to learn how to breathe properly!

  3. My daughter and Ihave been doing alot of pilates for core strengthening, but we have been talking about adding cycling into our structure.

  4. Squats and yoga are the ones I can do right now, I haven't buy a new treadmill for me to run on.

  5. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Yoga and Running/jogging are perfect, the rest I am sure are good but man I do not want to do them, lol.

  6. Those are indeed great activities for our legs. I do the running or jog in place using the elliptical machine at the gym.

  7. I miss biking so much and it has been years since my husband and I went biking together. It hurts your butt, legs and calves so much, but I love it. I get a great result out of it. I also used to go running, but I stopped so I really want to go back to that. Oh dear motivation, please come back and motivate me to work out again. I wish I have a treadmill right now and run my butt off. LOL!

  8. I love a good leg work out! Especially cycling.


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