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5 Tools that should be at Every Construction Work site

Tools are what differentiate mankind from other animals. We have been using them since the beginning of time and have come a very long way from the humble stone axe! Modern tools have revolutionised the construction industry, making it safer, smarter and definitely more efficient. The speed with which construction can be completed has increased dramatically with the improving technology of tools. Good tools are essential and it is never wise to scrimp on second rate gear.

Safety Tools

First and foremost in the list of essential tools is safety equipment. Staying safe is paramount. Good quality hard hats, protective gloves and safety goggles area an absolute must. These items are not expensive and definitely worth the money. For a full range of safety tools you can check this website. Other safety tools you may need in your arsenal are ear muffs and also high visibility vests or clothing. These simple tools can and will keep you safe. Make sure you wear them.

While most of us understand the importance of safety equipment, workers may still be tempted not to wear them. Excessive heat and lack of time are blamed for failing to wear safety equipment. The important thing to remember is that accidents happen when you least expect it, so it is important to be really vigilant in this regard.


Trucks, also known as heavy machinery, have revolutionised the construction industry. A sole operator can transport tools, equipment and heavy objects. Bucket trucks and dump trucks are used to transport and remove waste and other material. Crane trucks can easily lift heavy objects onto high platforms. Trucks are invaluable in earthwork operations. Where it is feasible a truck or machine should be used to carry out heavy lifting and movement of heavy objects.

The Compressor

Compressors are an easily portable tool that provides power to nail guns, jack hammers, air ratchets and air ratchets to name a few. Compressors function using short blasts of co2. The size of the compressor will depend on the tools it is powering. It is important that the sizing of the compressor is correct. If the compressor is too small for the application the air pressure will drop and not meet the demand. Alternatively, if it is too large running costs will be unnecessarily expensive.

Hand Held Tools

For high precision tasks hand held tools are still very effective. Screw guns, electric drills and hammers are still vital to construction work when in the hands of a good tradesman. Choose good quality tools. Test tools for how easy they are too handle, grip, warranties and guarantees. Many modern handheld tools are engineered to perform very well. Take advantage of this by choosing the right tools for your needs.

Kit Bags

Tools are important and can be costly so a good kit bag is a must have. Choose a bag that is tough and made from heavy duty, water resistant or water proof material. Make sure zips and handles are super strong.


  1. I have everything but truck! Lol

  2. Having the right tools is a must to do the job right.

  3. Hand held tools are always a handy. I'd like to buy for my dad.

  4. Anonymous9:32 PM

    We are getting ready to have work done on our house, my little one is going to love to see all the tools and trucks. I did not realize what all was needed.

  5. having the rights tools is a must

  6. Indeed! Well, I'm not familiar with some of those tools but I'm sure they're all important and a must have.

  7. I liked reading about the things that belong at a well stocked construction site. It helps me appreciate that kind of work.

  8. I don't know much about construction, but I know it definitely need the right tools and right gear for the job. I like working with chainsaws, but I prefer a smaller one since it is easy to handle and cut wood.


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