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6 Tips To Keep Plumbing Issues At Bay

Even small plumbing issues at your home can not only prove heavy on your pocket at times, but also very time consuming and frustrating. If you want to minimize the plumbing problems at your home, then this article will provide you with a few simple tips, which will help you to keep the most common plumbing issues at bay.
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  • One of the first things that you need to be careful about is what you wash and drain in your sinks and flush down in your toilets. Some people prefer to wash things down the drain or flush them in the toilet just to make the disposal job easier. But what they fail to realize is that it can cause severe clogging at times, which can turn out to be costly, time consuming and maddening. If you do not want to clog your kitchen sinks and drain, then avoid washing down things like rice, tea leaves, pasta, egg shells, seeds, bones etc in the sink. Also, always dispose toilet paper, sanitary pads, baby napkins etc in a bin rather than flushing them in the toilet.

  • Secondly, never commit the mistake of washing down grease in your sinks. People think that grease along with water will easily flow out from the sink pipes into the drains. But the fact is that after cooling, grease solidifies and gets stuck in the pipes. It obstructs other items too and over the time lead to clogging of pipes and drains. Therefore it is better to collect the unwanted grease in a jar and dispose it in the bin.

  • Next, it is better to minimize the use of drainer cleaners, which are nothing but harsh chemicals. Many people consider it to be a one stop solution for all their clogging problems. But using such chemical repeatedly and frequently can cause severe damage to your sinks; pipes etc and increase your plumbing expenditure.          

  • It is very important that you not only minimize the use of drainer cleaner chemicals at your home, but also avoid disposing any other chemical that you might use in your home, in the sinks. These chemicals can not only damage your sink and pipes, but the entire plumbing system, including your septic tank.           

  • People often try to fix small plumbing issues such as leakage in bathroom/kitchen pipes by themselves. But while doing so, most people fix pipes of wrong size or type or fit the wrong connectors. Mismatched pipes and connectors might solve the problem temporarily, but can worsen situations in the future and result in bigger and costlier problems. Therefore, if you are not aware about it, better get your issues solved by a professional.          

  • Last but not the least, whenever there is any plumbing issue at your home, no matter how big or how small, it is better to get things sorted out by a professional plumber rather than trying to do it yourself. If you don’t know any plumber, you can take the help of the internet these days to find information about the best and most affordable plumbers in your city. When you get the plumbing fixtures done by los angeles plumber you can be worry free and get your problems solved smoothly and easily.

    1. oh boy! That's one disadvantage of owning a home, we have to pay for everything including any damage done at our home. Glad we live in an apartment, we don't have to worry about plumbing problem.

    2. Anonymous8:37 PM

      I needed this, my oldest son is writing 1000 times he will not pour grease down the drain because he does it too often. I am sharing this with him because he thinks I am crazy and we have a disposal for this reason.

    3. These are good plumbing tips. It is important to monitor and maintain a house's plumbing system to avoid unexpected and costly repairs.

    4. I am just thankful that plumbing and other services are part of what we pay with our rent here in the apartment. But of course, I make sure that we don't clog up our drains. Thanks for these tips!

    5. Oh plumbing... Thank God we got two areas of our house newly fixed with new pipes. It's been an expensive year... Thanks for the tips!

    6. I'm fortunate that my husband has some knowledge when it comes to plumbing problems that we encountered. He does the fixing himself. But, really these tips are a must to follow to avoid the problems.

    7. I agree and that is one house work that my husband hates.

    8. These are great tips, we are lucky that we rent as no one in our house is very handy. :)


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