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Diagnose Through Dell solution

This is what I have encountered on my spouse’s Dell Desktop one late evening. What happened when this problem occurs? According to him, the desktop has acted weird since this morning; he tried to improperly shut it down the tower at least twice. Later that night, it works find until all of a sudden, when he improperly shut it down again, it went to a black screen and says NO BOOTABLE DEVICE AVAILABLE. So, why and what is the sudden change?

I searched online for the causes it and how to troubleshoot the issue. It took me days to figure out, this I tried to diagnose it with the built-in troubleshoot using the company’s installed diagnostic.

After several minutes, I came to find that the hardware is toast. I was only hoping that it is only infected with a virus, but not.

To make it all short, the only way for me to work my husband’s computer is to purchase a new hard drive. 


  1. Oh no what a nightmare for you :( we lost my other halfs lap top to something earlier this month and its such a pain!

  2. It might just be better to buy a brand new computer....and it might also help if your husband stops shutting it down the wrong way!!

  3. what a nightmare i'd feak out if mine did that

  4. Anonymous11:43 PM

    Hard drives are not hard to install so that is a good thing. There are adapters you can get to hook up the old one, sometimes you can retrieve date off a drive that is not bootable. Good luck with your adventure, I used to do this for a living for years and do not miss it at all!

  5. Oh my! That sounds no good at all! When it comes to hard drives and technical whatnots, I am an idiot, lol! So I always call my brother for help! Good for you for doing that for your hubby, my husband would also do the same thing, call on me to fix something on the laptop.

  6. I experienced this problem previously with a laptop computer. This is what made me start using cloud based and device based storage systems all at the same time. So that if my device is ever lost or broken, I can continue working from another device without skipping a beat.

  7. You are one tech savvy Momma, I don't have the patience to read instructions in doing these stuff.

  8. Thank goodness my husband is our in-house tech support. All this stuff is SO over my head!


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