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Hosting the very first Thanksgiving at home

Yes, my family and I will be hosting the family Thanksgiving in the new house we are now living. Since, everyone would like to have a table to dine-in and sit together with the whole family, we all decided to see if hosting it in our humble home would fulfill this plan. I am also hoping that everyone can sit-in, enjoy the food we all prepare and just chat with the whole family.

It might sound so good to be true for my husband’s side, as it never happened before, not even experienced it since I moved here. Hubby’s mother’s house doesn’t have the long table anymore, as some of the children were no longer living with her. Therefore, there is no sense of the long table in the kitchen.

On the other hand, I am trying my BEST to be as organized and cooperative with the other member of the family to make this event happen and satisfied. I have no idea about the hosting of Thanksgiving, so I gathered more information online as much as I can. The table preparation should look festive and family friendly, not too elegant but instead classy.

I have started to gather the things I’ll need and just a few more ideas will make the hosting be remarkable. 

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