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How To Pick The Perfect Bathroom Flooring

A trend toward beautifying the bathroom offers creative decorating options that enhance the appeal of an often-used room in a home. Many choices are now available for your bathroom flooring that is practical as well as elegant. Long used only as a utilitarian space, bathrooms now accent the aesthetic aspects of a home. The selection of a graceful and pleasing bathroom floor covering can set the decorative tone for the room.

Carpeting the Bath
Dampness in the bathroom is an almost ever-present condition, but it does not mean that carpeting your bath is out of the question. The warmth that carpet provides on a cold morning when your feet do not want to walk on cold tile makes it an attractive choice. A waterproof carpet that has a waffle back coating is an option that allows you to choose from a variety of colors and textures. An alternative that may serve more than one purpose is a nylon plush carpet that is cut to fit the room but is not tacked down. Easy to wash and put down again, it provides the warmth and absorbency that is desirable in a bathroom.

Using Tile for a Bathroom Floor
Ceramic tile has many advantages that include durability, cleanliness, and ease of maintenance that make it a popular choice in bathrooms. However, many other kinds of natural stone tile are now available on the market, including these:

Strong and durable when sealed to prevent scratching and staining, granite has an array colors that includes thousands of unique shades and patterns. You need to renew the seal periodically to protect the surface of granite, a stone choice that improves a home’s value.

An advantage of slate is its rough surface that helps your family get traction and avoid slipping when the floor is wet. Cut to a thicker width than most other tiles, its soft colors in the blue-grey range provide an aesthetic value. Like granite, it requires sealing.

A luxurious stone that has a matte finish, travertine offers warmth and distinction to your bath. Its mottled and pitted surface in light beige may remind you of the styles used by the ancient Romans.

Selecting Versatile Laminate
Manufacturers make laminate by compressing wood chips in a process that involves high temperatures, followed by imposing a photographic image on the surface. Several styles are available when you choose laminate, including the appearance of wood and natural stone. Oak is a popular choice for bathroom floors, providing a view of grain in a variety of colors to match your d├ęcor. Pine has a lighter color that can make your bathroom look larger. Stone and wood patterns have the appeal of natural materials without the expense.

Choosing Cork as an Eco-Friendly Option
Cork floor tiles are made from bark that is naturally shed, requiring no cutting of trees. As a flooring option that is warm and resistant to mildew and mold, cork is a durable material that is appropriate for the damp climate in your bath. Air cells that form naturally in cork give it a spongy feeling that is soft, warm, and comfortable for feet.

For new construction or for remodeling, the choice of bathroom flooring can accent the beauty of your home. Providing a beautiful room that enhances the bathing experience is a worthwhile investment in a home’s value and a family's enjoyment. A wide choice of natural or manufactured materials provides the opportunity to choose a floor covering that makes your bathroom one of the aesthetic features of your home.

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  1. Anonymous9:22 PM

    I would love to do the Travertine, I live in Florida and that type of flooring is so cool even in summer. So is Ceramic Tile, but I love the look of Travertine so much more.

  2. I wish we could chose for our place, but we rent. I do like Ceramic it can be super slippery though.

  3. That is nice you get to choose carpeting for bathrooms because I would have never choose that especially with kids at home. I still would like to go with granite tiles and have like an heating system on the floor. That is if we have the money for it. LOL!

  4. /thank you for these tips! I wish we have a bigger bathroom.

  5. When I remodel my bathroom, I'd like to change the tiles.

  6. i would love to have granite floors. so easy to clean.


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