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How to warm up your home in cold weather

How to keep your home warm, there are so many ways, and I will be sharing a few of them. If you don’t want to pull your hair over a high fuel or electrical bills during winter just to heat up the entire house and feel comfortable even when it is zero degree outside. These are some few tips you might want to consider. I got this information from the website I love to visit. Therefore, I’m going to share what they've shared with us. 

Contemporary Throws by Brooklyn Furniture & Accessories West Elm
Use fleece blanket or knitted blanket..makes you feel warmer...

Modern Dining Room by Portland Architects & Designers Emerick Architects
put fleece fabric on the chairs to make it feel warmer when you sit on it.


  1. wow beautiful home and great ideas for warming things up i love it

  2. We uses mink blankets in our living room during Winter.

  3. I knit and crochet so I keep our house stocked with afgahns. I like the dining room chairs in your photos but I know my children woudl have them covered in tomato sauce and jelly in two minutes flat! But the are something to look forward to.

  4. Absolutely! We have tons of fleece and knit blankets everywhere in the house because we have a huge house to heat up and it feels cozy and warm when you have warm blankets on. We even think of buying some more because no kidding our weather right now is brutally cold. Brrrrr.. Hmmmm.. I would to have those throw blankets. they look nice and warm. :)

  5. Anonymous5:44 AM

    I life in Florida and hope that it gets cooler soon, until then, we are quite warm. I love candles and throws though.

  6. It's colder than usual in California, so we broke out our throws and afghans earlier this year. The crochet blankets my mom makes always make me feel warm and cozy on a cold night.

  7. The new place that we live right now is very cozy and we don't have to turn heater on. It's warm enough not to use heater. Walls very insulated to keep the cold air from coming in.


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