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Reasons to Use Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are gaining a positive reputation, in part because of the benefits that the curtains can bring to homeowners and to people who work from home. Among the benefits that have been associated with living, working or sleeping in rooms where windows are decorated with blackout curtains include more sleep that is restful, reduced noise levels, a more energy efficient space, fewer headaches and less exhaustion.

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The curtains can yield these benefits because they block out light from streetlights and neighboring homes, making it easier to get and stay asleep. According to TLC, blackout curtains where used in Britain during World War II to "hide interior light from Nazi planes." Should a Nazi pilot see light coming out of a building or out of a house, the likelihood of him bombing the house would increase?

For today's homeowners, it's the chance to enjoy a better night of sleep and the chance to lower fuel costs that make blackout curtains attractive. Some brands claim that their curtains block as much as 99% of light. It's these statistics that compel photographers to check out the window treatments.
However, chief amongst the benefits that can be gain from using the window treatments is the health challenges that come with seasonal changes. Many of these changes start in November and go through January. They include shorter days, holiday parties and busier schedules. People may be on their feet more, rushing from event to event or from store to store. Cold and flu viruses are also in the air, increasing the need for adequate regular rest.

Because many people wait until summer to vacation, the only time they may have to unwind, allowing their bodies and their brains to recharge is at night, when they are in bed sleeping. Yet, sleep doesn't come easily to everyone. Outside lights that interfere with sleep can be block by hanging blackout curtains.

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Brands blackout curtains come in are Anastasia, Bedford, Gallagher, and Fabian. ( View Marburn’s blackout curtains to discover more types and brands.) For short windows, Facet curtains work well. Curtains that work well with tall windows include Carnivale, Austin, and Sydney Blackout. To get an elegant look with the windows, consider adding a valance that comes in a matching color.

During the daytime, simply push the curtains apart, exposing plain windowpanes, or sheer light colored curtains. For homes with wide windows, it may take two sets of blackout curtains to cover the windows from end to end. But, again a workaround this is to insert a lighter, sheer curtain between the heavier curtains.

Colors the curtains come in are brown, beige, aqua, mushroom, burgundy, and white. In addition to keeping light from entering or existing homes, the curtains add a unique style to rooms. What the rooms won't do is make a room look dark from the inside. In other words, there won't be a need to go out and buy new lamps or room lights after installing the curtains.

For people seeking additional relief from interior lights, they can search the rooms they sleep in, checking for alarm clock lights, television lights and lights from closets. Turning these lights off could help people sleep better, so too could reducing internal and external noises like radios playing, computer game noises, and barking pets.


  1. That's my next project, I need to buy new curtains.

  2. I agree! Having blockout curtains is indeed a must have especially for the bedroom. The darker/thicker our curtain is the lesser sunlights come through and it helps us sleep good and sleep longer in the morning.

  3. Blackout curtains may be a good idea for a few people living in our house.

  4. I need to get this do baby sleeps in

  5. Those kind of curtains are nice for houses with big windows. Nice idea!

  6. Anonymous7:11 AM

    I have a window that is high up in our bedroom, I have wanted a curtain over it since we moved in - my husband says no. He sleeps in a different room on weekends so he can sleep in and then wonders why I am always up early - hmmm, lol. I would love to have a black out curtain.

  7. This is the kind of curtains that we need because our house is situated along the road and flashes from the vehicles really distracted our sleep.

  8. We use blackout curtains. This is great to block light to get good sleep during the day.


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